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Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Trip to Yuko-En

Over Easter Erin, her parents, Abby and I went to Yuko-En on the Elkhorn, a local Japanese style walking garden. We were hopeful the cherry blossoms would be in full bloom, but came away mildly disappointed. Some of the cherry blossoms had started to pop, but for the most part it wasn't quite time. The Judas trees were in full bloom though.

While inside the garden, I only had my 50 f1.8 on the camera. I had forgotten what a great little lens this is, particularly considering its very low cost. The shallow depth of field it can produce makes for some eye popping captures, despite the bokeh being a bit harsh at times. Of course, reviewing these pictures incites a bit of gear lust... an 85 1.8 would be great, faster focus, sharper, even shallower depth of field. Maybe someday.

Nothing to see here

This door just pops in red

Even a faucet looks great with a shallow depth of field

Note the oval highlights in the background of the faucet picture. Not the most visually appealing.

Erin and her mom (look closely, and Abby is there too)

Blooms from the Judas tree

So maybe I didn't just have the 50 f1.8. I had an extension tube too, which attached between the camera body and lens enabled this super close up of the Judas tree blooms.

One of the few cherry blossoms

Some more of the weirdness is shown in the cherry blossom picture. The background just looks so... busy.

Judas tree in the parking lot

The last picture was taken with my 24-105 f4, since I needed a bit wider view to capture the tree without cars also intruding in the picture.

The cherry blossom tree in my front yard is starting to bloom, so I'm sure I'll have some pictures from it soon. And tomorrow, Erin and I are headed to Salato Wildlife Center so I'll have pictures to share from there eventually.

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