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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Amazing Flying Abigail

Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks

It's been too long since I've really written a post on here. (even longer for some people... :cough:Erin:cough:) The Abbyversary post doesn't really count, since it didn't really involve any writing. I have lots of ambition and ideas for posts, even some that I've started but I'm a busy/easily distracted person and completing things that don't really matter isn't exactly my strong suit.

Back to the topic: Erin has been teaching Abby to jump through an exercise hoop that we got a while back. (Side note: 2.5 lbs is not easy on your midsection when hula hooping. or your legs when you fail at hula hooping) The hardest part was convincing Abby that it was safe to go through the hoop at all. After that, she was happy to jump through it for a treat.

Keeping her eye on the prize

When we got Abby a little over a year ago, she had some arthritis issues with one of her knees in her hind legs. The vet recommended that we put her on Cosequin, and the relief it's given her is really quite amazing. She used to limp on it all the time, especially badly after laying down for a while. Now we rarely see her limp, usually just after longer walks. And she just generally seems much more comfortable with that leg.

The whole slideshow is below.

And now to geek out a little:

This one's really noisy because it was over 5 stops under-exposed (flash didn't get enough time to recycle)

The picture above is really quite impressive. Not because it has any real merit, other than the rather hilarious expression on Abby's face (click to enlarge), but really just because of the detail that was able to be recovered from a picture that was pretty much black, all thanks to RAW. I think it could even be cleaned up more if I was a little better at post-processing. Here's the original with the levels untouched:

If you look at the zoomed in view you can just barely make out Abby's shape

And just for the sake of comparison, I exported a 100% quality JPEG from the unadjusted exposure and brought its levels up in Lightroom.

Still a little detail there, but nowhere near what the RAW file could recover and most of the color is lost

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Abbyversary!

Today, it's been one year since we got this sweet dog. Happy Abbyversary!