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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Berea Hot Air Balloon Glow

Setting Up (both them and me)

Last weekend Erin and I went to Berea for their Spoonbread Festival. Well, actually, we really went for the hot air balloon glow. We didn't end up eating any spoonbread since Erin wasn't that interested in getting any, and I would have had to interrogate anyone selling it because of my wheat allergy. This was my first time going to a balloon glow, so I wasn't sure exactly what to expect going in. I took my tripod, a remote trigger and my 17-40 lens. The 17-40 was definitely the right lens.


I really wish they had done more glowing when the sun was setting. There's a nice window where the sky has lots of color in it and the balloons would have been a decent match, exposure-wise. Unfortunately, the above picture during the first glow was a little too late for that time.

After spending a while watching and hanging out, we ventured closer to the balloons. The area all around them was open, which was pretty cool.

My Favorite Balloon

It was quite warm this close to the balloon and it actually felt pretty good since it had started cooling off by this time. I think it would have been pretty cool if I had a fisheye lens to have taken a picture from the ground in the middle of all the balloons. Of course, I don't have a fisheye lens, and probably wouldn't have the guts to lay down in the middle of all those people to try to get a shot like that.

We definitely enjoyed the hot air balloon glow. I'd like to go to another one, particularly if the balloons were floating.

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