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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Well Crafted Music Fest

The Lineup

First post in a while, and now I've stayed up way too late working on it. My backlog of posts I want to make is huge, with some things over a year old I'd like to get out there. I keep thinking I'll post more frequently but then I get busy and it doesn't happen. Of course, before I know it winter will be here and I'll have too much time on my hands.

Erin and I recently attended the first night of the Well Crafted Music Festival at Shaker Village, thanks to our friends Jamil and Suzanne, who had won tickets for Friday night. This was the first show I've been to in some time, and it was a great reminder that I should get out and enjoy a show every once in a while.

Our Benefactors

Erin and I hadn't heard any of the bands before so weren't really sure what to expect. We came away very pleased to have attended, having enjoyed all the bands.

Of course I took a camera (my new EOS-M that I got in an eBay bargain), though I'm always a bit wary of taking pictures of people. I warmed up to it after a while though, and got to see what the M is capable of. I'm quite pleased with the results that the M and the 22mm f2 produce.

Jamil showing off his picture of Erin taking a picture of me taking a picture of Erin taking a picture of me

Suzanne, being a great subject giving me a nice smile (hmmm, she could teach Erin something about being a cooperative subject)

The 22mm + M combo produces very nice pictures. Definitely usable at ISO 6400 for 1080p sized wallpapers, and I think it'd produce very good 300dpi prints at ISO 1600. Not bad for a crop sensor. At f2 there's nice subject isolation, and the vignetting helps focus attention toward the center of the frame. Other big pluses are that Erin will carry the M (she doesn't seem to care much for carrying a DSLR), it's light and small and inconspicuous, and with the EF-M 22mm, it's pocketable in a pair of baggy pants. On the downside, it's battery life is only ok and it's no comparison to a 35mm sensor for low light.

Coralee and the Townies

Jamil and Suzanne showing off their mad dancing skills

Obligatory selfie with my lovely wife

Dawn Landes + Coralee

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