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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cincinnati Museum Center

Union Terminal

We recently went to Cincinnati to meet up with Erin's parents for lunch and a visit to the Cincinnati Museum Center. For lunch we had Wild Ginger Asian Bistro. The food was good, though a touch on the pricey side.

We started out at the Museum of Natural History and Science. It was a pretty typical natural history museum. Skeletons, fossils and a space exhibit. There were also artificial caves and an ice age exhibit.


Creepy Face (of a giant bison)

Redwood (from California) Cross-section

After that we stopped off for some ice cream, then headed into the Cincinnati History Museum. It consisted of a really cool model of Cincinnati based on the early-mid 1900s, a large scale model of the waterfront from the 1800s, some machine history, and a World War II exhibit focusing mostly on life on the home front.

"Oh no! I missed my stop!"

I found this poster very amusing
I think one of the more interesting finds was learning about Bill Nimmo, since I basically never see the Nimmo surname outside of my family.

There was an audio clip of him discussing his experiences

A quick blurb

Bill Nimmo (with awful reflection)

By the time we found Bill Nimmo, it was pretty much closing time so we headed out. I grabbed the leading shot as we were heading out.

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