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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Wedding

It seems the time leading up to our wedding, and even the wedding day, went by like a whirlwind! It started getting real(ish) when my sister flew in (all the way from New Zealand!) a week before the wedding. I went up to my parents to visit for a few days. When I came back home, James' father had arrived and our friends from out of state were starting to arrive. The day before the wedding, my family came down and our final friend arrived from out of state. Everyone feasted on Giovanni's Pizza, salad, chips (with our favorite Panchos cheese dip of course), and cookies. That evening, the ladies went and had our nails done while the men hung out at the house. The morning of, I woke up early, grabbed a shower and headed to the hair dresser with my mom and friend, Jess. My wonderful hair dresser did a great job getting my unruly, frizzy hair looking elegant. When we got back to the house, everyone was arriving and packing and ready to head to our destination. We decided to get married at a small bed and breakfast located on beautiful rolling farmland up near the Ohio River. It was a sunny and very warm day and the drive up was nice. Once we arrived, the preparations began. We had to set up our music and sound system, put up some floral decor, set out some decorations and our cute little birdhouse favors. Soon, everyone was there, including our reverend. We had a very small wedding. My parents, James' father, my sister and brother, James' uncle, my childhood best friend and her husband, my college best friend, James' childhood best friend and his wife, James' college best friend and our reverend and her husband. A grand total of 16 people, if you count James and me. Rehearsal was next on the agenda. It was midday and the sun was beating down on us as we held rehearsal outside on the deck in front of the lovely flowers and with the woods in the background and rolling farmland to each side. Rehearsal was short and sweet, but I ended up with a surprise....sunburn!!! I happen to be pretty fair skinned and the sunburn had me looking like a lobster. Boo!!! Before I knew it, it was time to get ready. My mom, bridesmaids, and girlfriends rushed into the honeymoon suites' spacious bathroom and got ready. The men readied themselves much faster than we did and ended up waiting a bit. Oops! The photographer popped in and took a few pictures of my mom and I, then she headed out after lots of hugs and some kisses. My bridesmaids and I waited for everyone to be seated and/or outside before we emerged from the suite. We went outside to the spot we'd be entering from and I saw my daddy waiting for me. Then it all really hit me. My dad looked handsome in his black suit, pink tie, and green pocket square. We talked a little, and tried not to sweat while waiting for the groomsmen and James to start walking in to the music. Finally, they entered, then my bridesmaids went. They looked beautiful in their pink and green dresses! It was finally time for dad and me to walk around. I felt a bit nervous, but mostly just felt like I was maybe in a dream. I took my dad's arm and we slowly (ever so slowly in my tall heels through the grass) made the famous march. We made our way forward up towards all the people dearest to my heart. I wish I could have taken the time to look at them all better, but everything was just a blur and I was so focused on making it to my spot without falling. It was a bit overwhelming, then I saw James. My heart felt all happy. He looked stunning and I couldn't wait to be his wife (it wasn't going to be a long wait)! My dad passed my hand to James' and I think he said something along the line of "love you guys". I'm having a hard time remembering clearly exactly how things went! I don't know if it was the nerves or that I was just in some kind of fog or if it's normal for that to happen. Our ceremony wasn't very long, it was finished off by my brother reading an Apache wedding blessing. The recessional music began and I walked off arm in arm with my new husband! Our wedding party headed around with us to the front gardens, followed by the guests. We had some posed pictures taken (and lost the heels!) before heading inside to a lovely meal. The bed and breakfast owners had a lovely long table set for us to all sit down for our dinner together. It was decorated with our flower bouquets from the ceremony and our little birdhouse favors. On the menu was apricot glazed pork (veggie pasta in cream sauce for me, the silly vegetarian), ginger glazed carrots, creamy mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll, and spinach strawberry salad with tea to drink. Everything was delicious and everyone seemed to be pleased with the meal. After chatting a bit, we moved back outside by the pool for cake and punch. Our cake looked beautiful with our little birds cake topper and some pretty flowers over the white icing. Andy, the best man, gave a heartfelt toast, almost making me tear up, then James and I cut the cake together. We fed each other without any cake smashing taking place. Everyone loved the cake and punch and everyone really loved that the heat was going away with the sunset approaching. The photographer grabbed a few more pictures of us in the changing light before she left for the evening. Our reverend and her husband and two of my friends had to head out. The rest of our guests stayed the night with us at the b&b. James and I had our first dance, poolside, to "Love is a Place" by Metric, then I danced with my dad to Heartlands' "I Knew Her First". It was fun to twirl around with him and enjoy the moment. We then played some games together where they asked silly questions to see how well James and I knew each other. It brought about some laughter and little known information. As the night went on, many of us made our way into the cool, refreshing pool. We also had some foam rocket launchers that added to the fun. After cleaning up from the pool, we all sat down to a game of Apples to Apples and enjoyed some snacks. When the game wrapped up, everyone headed to bed. Overall, a wonderful, smooth day. It felt like a great day with all my loved ones near me and I couldn't be happier to be sharing this milestone with them. It was also fun to think of myself as the new Mrs. Nimmo. The b&b staff did a wonderful job making things run smoothly and beautiful and my friends and family were all willing and ready to help with everything that needed doing. Love em all. We woke up early to a drizzly day and had a delicious breakfast. Everyone was able to order what they wanted. I had some yummy sweet potato waffles and juice. We then started packing up the cars. This is about the time we realized that Alex, who had left right after breakfast to make his flight, had James' keys in his pocket. James took my car and got the keys, but Alex ended up missing his flight. Boo. That was about the only blip in the whole celebration. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but I was ready to get home and pack for the honeymoon! My family and Jessica came back home with us for a bit, so that was very nice too. Yay for a splendid wedding. It was a very happy time for me, and I hope for James too!!! I will add wedding pictures as they roll in from our photographer and guests.

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